Welcome and thank you for checking out Pitch Black Electronics! Here you’ll find custom effects handmade with love and professional attention to detail out of Metro Detroit, Michigan, USA. Please browse the website and discover all that PBE has to offer from custom builds to modifications to printed circuit board design. Pitch Black Electronics is the one-stop shop for your custom design! In no way does this website encompass everything that is possible at PBE. Feel free to send your custom ideas or questions to Gino@PitchBlackElectronics.com or fill out the contact form. Please also visit my Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

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Golden Spiral – Contact for price

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A high-gain octave fuzz based on a classic circuit. The Tone control can take you from Muffy to buzzsaw and if you roll back the Volume control you can get some cool lo-fi radio tones. Engage the Chaos switch and control the ensuing sonic destruction with the Feedback knob. See the gallery above for a demonstration. The Golden Spiral is handmade with high quality components, true bypass and runs on standard 9VDC BOSS style negative tip AC adapter or battery.

Here’s what one customer had to say about it: “The [Golden Spiral] has not left my pedalboard since I got it. I’ve been using it with my Blackheart Little Giant and pretty frequently but it really knocks my socks off with the orange channel on my Triple Rectifier. It’s just insane. I can’t say enough good things about it to my friends, but I really need to play it for them. As far as styles go, I’ve been using it for a heavy Smashing Pumpkins type of sound and for a synthy, octave up, sustain forever kind of shoegazy way. It kills my MJM London II, it kills my Devi [Ever] Shoegazer, it’s quiet, it’s versatile, the tone knob has SUCH a broad sweep. It lets me get harsh high end trashy sounds, big bassy meatyness and lots of great sounds in between. I really can’t say enough about it!”

Please fill out the contact form or e-mail me directly at Gino@PitchBlackElectronics.com to order yours today! Also, see my eBay listing!


The following list does not encompass all of the mods I am capable of doing; just the standard mods that get requested the most. If you have a pedal with a mod in mind or just aren’t liking the sound you’re getting out of it, drop me a line and we’ll work on getting the sound that you want.


I have five years of professional experience designing printed circuit board layouts for the defense, aerospace, automotive and consumer electronics industries. If you have an original idea that you would like laid out or you are tired of modding other people’s boards and want something a little more custom for your projects, please fill out the form below to request a quote. I use industry-leading software and will do everything I can to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the board that I design for you. Here are a couple samples of my work.

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