The PBE Difference

July 13th, 2010 | News | Gino | No Comments

Recently when I’ve told a few individuals about my business they’ve said, “So what makes you different from all of the other guys making pedals out there?” I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass and tell you that my designs are totally unique, never found anywhere else. (When I do create a pedal worthy of that magnitude of praise, however, I will say that.) The truth is that there are so many boutique versions of the Tube Screamer, Fuzz Face, Big Muff, etc. and while all of those different Tube Screamers actually do sound a bit different, they’re really not all that different on the inside. You know what though? That’s OK. Some people scoff at “Yet another Tube Screamer/Fuzz Face/Big Muff/What-have-you” but I embrace that because us guitar players are a finicky bunch. We like it when there are 32 different flavors of Tube Screamer. You know it’s true. We love to be able to pick the one(s) that satisfy our needs. The world would be a boring place if we could only get the original 808 sound, eh?

So what makes me different? For one, I am a one-man operation. Everything that leaves my shop is handled only by myself and therefore I oversee all aspects of design, production and quality. Another thing that sets me apart is my professional experience. I am an experienced, degreed electrical engineer. Now you don’t need a degree to do this stuff as there are plenty of successful companies out there ran by people without degrees, but it helps. My experience as a printed circuit board designer, test engineer, hardware and software engineer and assembler in the aerospace, automotive, defense and consumer electronics industries also makes me different. I know what professional, production quality standards look like and I adhere to them. If it isn’t good enough, I won’t ship it.

Above all, I have a passion for music and want to make a product that kicks ass and makes my customers happy.

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