Dunlop Crybaby Mods

A la carte

  • Fasel inductor (red or yellow): $40
  • Whipple inductor (Hand-wound, based on original ’67 Vox inductor): $50
  • True bypass with LED, ICAR taper pot: $75
  • Circuit mods – Remove buffer, adjusted frequency response, more bass and gain, more vocal response, Whipple or Fasel inductor: $75
  • Circuit mods with externally adjustable Q (vocal response): $85

Package deals

  • The Works – All of the circuit mods with external Q control, Whipple or Fasel inductor, ICAR taper pot: $150
  • New Dunlop Original Crybaby modded to PBE specs: $200 (BEST DEAL!)
  • Make it a bass wah at no extra charge!